Correspondence between F. Takano and S. Gompers

6)  SG to FT, April 19, 1894.

April 19, 1894.

Mr. F. Takano,
        Great Barrington, Mass
Dear Sir:--I am in receipt of your favor of the 10th. inst. and I beg to assure you that each of your letters I read and peruse with very great interest, and I am also pleased to find that you appreciate the value of the publications of the American Federation of Labor.
        If you carry out your present intention of translating them into the Japanese language and have them printed for distribution or sale among the working men of Japan, I am convinced it will have a tendency to have them organize upon an intelligent and permanent basis, which must redound to their advantage.
        It is needless to say that I appreciate your kindness and promise to acquiesce with my request to you to write an article for our magazine.   Should there be any matter of error in phraselogy I shall very cordially make the necessary correction.
        With kindest wishes, and trusting that you may be entirely successful in the object you view, I am,
                                           Very Truly Yours
                                      Samuel Gompers        President.
                                           American Federation of Labor.