Correspondence between F. Takano and S. Gompers

45)  SG to FT, Oct. 28th, 1897.

                                                                 700 14TH ST. N. W.
                                                                         Washington D. C.    Oct. 28th, 1897.

Mr. F. Takano
    #31 Oiwake Street
        Hongo, Tokyo, Japan.

Dear Sir & Brother:--
        Since writing you last evening we have received $2.OO additional on the second syndicate letter. Therefore, there awaits you at your Post Office money order #74,282 issued here this date upon my application in the sum of $l7.l6 payable to you. Please sign the enclosed receipt and return to this office.
        Fraternally yours,
                                                                Samuel Gompers.
                                                            President A.F. of L.