Fusataro Takano Papers

A Letter from Percy Hollister Whiting to Fusataro Takano

Dear Henry;-
         We received your very kind remembrances at New Years and would have acknowledged them at once had not several things come up to prevent it.
         My uncle, my mothers brother, was taken sick and died soon after and my grand-mother has not been well since then so mother has been very busy and has had realy[sic] no time to write.
         All our immediate family are alive and well, but my grand-mother and grand-father Whiting and two of my uncles have died.
        Howard has finished school and is studying to be a lawyer.
        I am still going to school but when I finish I hope to enter Harvard Medical school and study to be a doctor.
        Helen is studying to be a trained nurse in a hospital in New Hampshire and when she finishes her course she is coming back to live with us and just go out when she has a case.
        This, in brief has been the history of our family since you left us.
        Great Barrington has changed a good deal since you were here.
        Last winter there were destruction[sic] fires. The first burned up the post-office and the stores that were in the building..
        The second and third swept from papa's store up to the next street and partly down that.
        They are all being rebuilt and of course the town has a changed appearance.
        I hope that you will answer my letter and tell me about yourself and what you expect to do.
        And I hope that if you ever again come to the United States you will not fail to come to Gt. Barrington. As you would be sure of a hearty welcome from the Whiting Family.
Your sincere friend
Percy Hollister Whiting
Gt. Barrington,
Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Sunday, Aug. 14, 1896

Written and Edited by
The Writings of Kazuo Nimura