Fusataro Takano Papers

A Letter from E. S. Baker to Fusataro Takano, Dec. 6, 1886

post stamp Oakland, Dec 6, 89
addressed Mr. O.F. Takano
Seattle Washington

Friday Morning
Dec. 6, 1889

My Dear Osend
         I am afraid you may feel that I have forgotten you, and that I may not have received your kind letter written from Seattle.   But Osend I cannot forget you so closely are you associated in my mind with the Ghost Earth life of my lovely Raymond.   Several times I have seated myself to write you but the task has been too much for me -- I regretted not seeing you the day you were at the house.   Why did you not at Mrs. Pennycooks?     I was in Fruitvale.
         Howard and Shirley are well.   Shirley is still doing well at school.   Howard is in the same home as when you were here.   How much I have passed through since I first saw you.   Well truly I may say that when dear Raymond left, all sunshine left me, and at times I am absolutely desolate.
         But for the little ray of hope in the immortality of the soul.   I should be crazy - I hope.   I shall meet them again - I don't feel certain of anything Osend -   But I must not write of these things simply trust and hope.   I have a Danish girl in my kitchen - She is a fair servant -   Howard and Shirley send love to you and they intend writing you.   Do not work too hard Osend and try and save your money.   Take my advice, - "Keep no money by you and then you will have none to lend.   It is too bad for you to work so hard, and have nothing to show for it.   Write me Osend.   I am always interested in all [a word illegible] to your welfare and Believe me your sincere friend.

                                             E. S. Baker

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