Fusataro Takano Papers

A Letter from Albert Brayton to Fusataro Takano, Oct. 24, 1889

Garcia, Mill Oct. 24, 1889

Dear Friend, I have just got the postcard you sent me. I was very glad to hear from you.
The tickets of the Mexican lotery did not draw a cent. So we are not rich yet and I think we will never be, if we spend no money for lotery tickets. As for me I will not buy another tickets as long as I live. I am at home now going to School to the prettiest School-mam I ever saw. I was out walking with her last sunday all day, (Mister MacGill got a big barrel of supe at Hard-Scrach a few weeks ago.

I am glad to hear that you got work. $45 is good wages and you had better stay with it. I could to to work now for a $1 a day but I would rather go to school. I think I shall go to School at Pt Arena this aventer. My father just got back from the City. When you was at the Garcia you said you was writing a story, entitled (Education for Japanish Women). have you heard whether it was published or not. Write to me. I am very lone-some out in the mountains. I was very glad to hear from you.

                                            Yours truly
                                            Albert Brayton

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