Fusataro Takano Papers

A Letter Draft of Fusataro Takano addressed to J. Hayes, August 25, 1894

                                                                                                                   126 Gold St.
                                                                                                                   Brooklyn, N.Y., Aug. 25, 1894

Mr. J. Hayse,
    Gen. Sec.-Treasurer of K. of L.
Dear Sir, --Having endeavored to formulate the best plan to ameliorate the condition of the Japanese working people, I am convinced that the cause of the existing deplorable state of affairs among the laboring class of the country, is none other than the prevailing ignorance among the same.   That being assumed as true, a step towards their emancipation is to educate them.   As educational work requires concentration, we must bring them under a powerful organization which can be done only through the means such as yours an order.   To me it seems that to organize the workers of the country where nothing as yet known, [a word illegible] such movement upon line of trade-unionism is a folly.   It will only result in the formation of many small unions too weak to make its work of utility.
    With such an understanding, I have watched as best as I can, the working of your order during the last year or two, and am satisfied of the feasibility and benefits derived thereof, and I propose to adopt the same plan when I shall begin my active agitation for the cause upon my return home.
    What I ma lacking in at present is the knowledge concerning the detailed plan of the organization.                       I know there are many forms of assembly under your order such as State, District, Local and Trade, but do not know upon what basis they are formed, for instance, as to how a state assembly is formed.  It is a central body composed of the District and Local assemblies, or is it formed apart from these?  Is a trade assembly formed by members of Local or district assemblies according to their trade and calling?  Is the rate of the initiation fee and monthly dues of all your assembly uniform?  How is the revenue of the central body derived?
    It is of the utmost necessity for me to be acquainted with every detail of the organization which I am seeking to initiate, in order to insure my successful undertaking.  Beside, under existing conditions a failure of the first attempt to organize will result in annihilation of a subsequent one during ten or fifteen years following.
     Should you be kind enough to give me the information concerning the detailed form, I shall be greatly obliged to you, and your kindness will bring a great blessing to the Japanese workers.

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