Correspondence between F. Takano and S. Gompers

17)  FT to SG, Feb. 5, 1896.

No. 180 Sendagi-Hayasi St.,
Hongo, Tokio, Japan, Feb. 5, 1896.
Samuel Gompers Esq.,
N.Y. City, New York, U.S.A.
       Dear Sir,--Let me first of all, congratulate you of your election to the presidency of the Federation. I believe that the cause of the American working people is best served by you, and I do heartily indorse the action of the late convention in rejecting every proposition of the socialists and electing one whose ability and good judgment can not be well disputed. Crowning successes of the Federation and renowned honors in you are the earnest hopes of a friend in the Far East.
       I found upon a brief investigation, a strong labor union existing in this city which, in its every aspect is a best type of union to be hoped for in the present condition of the Japanese workers. I refer to the Tokio Carpenters' Union. I shall, however, pursue my investigation little further and report to you at an early date.
       I am intending to write an article to a Japanese magazine concerning the American labor movement with special regard to your Federation. 1 shall be very much obliged if you will favor me with one of your photographs which I will endeavor to publish with the article.
With best wishes, I remain,
Yours truly,
Fusataro Takano

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