Correspondence between F. Takano and S. Gompers

46)  FT to SG, Nov. 8th, l897.

                                                        Tokyo, Japan, Nov. 8th, l897.

Mr. Samuel Gompers,
Washington, D.C., U.S.A.

      Dear Sir,--In response to yours of Sept. 29th I will say that I am more than gratified to hear the great victory won by the miners and when I come to think that this achievement of splendid victory was largely due to the assistance rendered by American trade unionists in general, I can not help but to admire manliness of American workers.   Nor is this admiration shared by me only. At regular monthly meeting of the Rodo Kumiai Kisei-kai held last night I spoke at length on the cause and result of the miners' strike and expressed my admiration of American workers for their manly assistance.   This expression was greeted with a great applause which went to show that whole members endorsed my expression.   At any rate, the strike has given me a topic on which I can draw many lessons of trade unionism for the benefit of our workmen.
     The membership of the association has now reached to little over eleven hundred and our prospect is brightening daily.   Besides its regular work, the association will, within the course of a month, public a twi-weekly paper entitled "Labor World."   All details and plan of raising fund were decided upon at the last night meeting. So you expect a labor paper in Japan before present year elapse.
     I am going to address Yokohama working people to-night.   It is promised to be a big affair as the ship-carpenters are going to attend it in a body.   As the time to go there is approaching, it is impossible for me to write this letter any longer and hope you will excuse briefness of this.                             Yours truly,
                                          F. Takano

P.S. Success to you at the coming convention! F.T.

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