Fusataro Takano Papers

A Letter from Henry A. Beckmeyer of Essex Trade Council to F. Takano, July 19, 1894

Newark. N.J.    July 19th, 1894

Mr. F. Takano,
      Brooklyn, N. Y.

My dear Sir:--
        Your esteemed favor of 17th inst. was placed in my hands by Mr. D. H. Green for reply.
      I forward by same mail recent file of Mutual Aid, in which the wanted articles will give you a general idea of our system. Its distinguishing feature is the organization of the Consumer.    The labor movement heretofore has conceived are producers, we are achieving all the best results of the old-time movement by methods more direct, more economical, more agreeable and more effective.  We present ours as the most scientific system yet developed.   It has been endorsed by a large number of international and local industrial organizations.   It is so simple, and yet so certain, that a moderately fair presentation quickly brings us new adherents.  It is the only plan that has in view the bringing of permanent harmony between capital and labor.
         Should you desire the same, I shall be pleased to furnish you with a full supply of our operative devices, cards, report blanks, &c, &c.  The system is undergoing constant improvement.   Information is at all times most cheerfully furnished, as the more Consumers we can get to operate upon a common place, the greater benefit will come to each member of the collectively.

                                           Respectfully yours,

                                       Henry A. Beckmeyer,

                                           Corres. Secr. Essex Tr. C.

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