Fusataro Takano Papers

A Letter from J. Hayes of the Knights of Labor to F. Takano

Washington, D. C., August 6, 189?

F. Takano, Esq.,

    San Francisco, Cal.

        Your subscription to the JOURNAL OF THE KNIGHTS OF LABOR expired some time ago.    I refrained from cutting your name from our list, feeling that it was more of an oversight than an international purpose to stop reading the greatest reform paper in this country.    No expense has been spared to keep the JOURNAL up to the standard and make it the leading paper of its kind published.    I ask that you consider this matter and continue to keep your name on the subscription list and thereby do your part toward extending its usefulness and spreading the principles which it advocates.    In the battle against the encroachments of the National banks and other privileged classes the JOURNAL leads the van of the fight.   It is the only paper in America able to inaugurate an aggressive movement against the money power.   In the attack on the National bank notes just begun by General Master Workman Sovereign, he relies very largely on the JOURNAL to bear the brunt of the battle.   YOU can help very greatly by at once sending in a renewal of your subscription and, if possible, send one or more names of your friends.   The JOURNAL will keep you posted up to date on the progress of the fight for industrial freedom.
      Thanking you for your past favors and with the hope that you will immediately renew I am
        With kind wishes, and hopes for success, I am,
                                           Truly and fraternally yours

                                       Jnow, Hayes.                                            Manager.

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