Fusataro Takano Papers

A Letter from Mrs. A. B. Kingsland to Fusataro Takano, Dec. 12, 1888

Mr. O. F. Takano
No.10 Stockton st.
San Francisco

San Bernardino
Dec.12/ 88

Mr. Takano
Dear friend and pupil.
Your kind letter was received by me at the correct time by mail.
I was much pleased to hear from you. I had intended writing you long before you wrote to me, but there seamed so many duties awaiting me every hour of every day that time failed me, and I allowed it run along until I received your letter. We like this place very much, and we enjoy good health, the days are beautiful, warm and like summer, the nights and mornings cold. The town is surrounded by high mountains, San Bernardino range just-surrounding it - high peaks stand out covered with snow ??? since we came here the days are beautiful. Still we are not successful and ?where is not making money or paying expenses - there is no glory in the sunshine, nor beauty in the landscape, where we do well financially we are more contend. I find the large cities are the best, and if we can get back to San Francisco the last of May when the school term ends hence we will be most happy. I cannot tell if this will be as travel is expensive and we have no extra money, but we must hope. I trust your business may improve, near(now?) the holidays are upon. Dear Mr. Takano I would much like to remember you and Mr. Adachi and send you a present you have been so courteous to Miss Madge and myself, but all I can do is to wish you good luck and a Merry Christmas, will you tell Mr. Adachi this, and ask him to write to me. will you also do the same when you have time. Miss Madge joins me in wishes for your success and happiness. Do not eat too much Turkey for Christmas, as you might feel badly and you know that does not pay. Is Mr. Adachi busy now, as work or going to school? or is he taking "a little rest" ? You letter was very nicely written, much better than your teacher's, but these I write so hurriedly, you must excuse. In my last to Mr. Searing I asked him to call upon you, so some day you will see him walking in, he is in the same house where we all lived. Now I must close with my kindest regards to you.
                                             Yours truly
                                             Mrs. A. B. Kingsland
                                             San Bernardino
                                             P.O. Box 724, Cal

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