Fusataro Takano Papers

A Letter from Mrs. A. B. Kingsland to Fusataro Takano, Dec. 27, 1888

San Bernardino
Dec 27. /88

Mr. O. F. Takano

Dear friend
The parcel containing your lovely gift to Miss Madge and myself was received in the Sat before Christmas day. You cannot imagine our surprise and delight, at the thought of your so kindly remembering us. The screen was lovely and the handkerchief a perfect gemit was beautiful with the "M" in the center. I regret not writing to you immediately upon receipt of the parcel, but can only excuse myself upon a plea of many duties. I would so much like to have presented you with some remembrance for your own Christmas day but my spirit is willing, but my pocket very weak. Do you ever see Mr. Adachi? when? you tell him not to forget us and ask him to write to me. Tell him Mr. Risen and Miss & Mr. Risen all live in this town. They are the same people always. My school is certainly not a success financially, and if were at all possible. I would leave here immediately but I cannot. We hear from our Oakland friends quite often and evry letter only makes us wish we were back again, we are in good health, that is good you know. Do write me when you can, as I am interested in all that concerns you. Tell me of your business, your hopes, plans and expectations - all is of importance to me. I will now close, with Miss Madge's and my own kindest wishes for a happy New Year to you.
                                             Ever your friend
                                            A. B. Kingsland
P.O.Box 724

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