Fusataro Takano Papers

A Letter from Will Nissen to Fusataro Takano, April 18, 1890

                                                                       Point Arena

                                                                       April 18, 90.

Dear Friend Osen,
                                            Yours of the 24 th came to hand a few days ago.   glad to here[sic] from you.   I was up to see Emma Nelson last sunday, they all seem to be very gay but but[sic] still talk about their father.   the people on the flat have organised a sunday school and have fine times, the school master from town comes out every sunday.   he is a fine teacher, every body goes.   our friend Miss McHenry is teaching school.   Mr Lynch bought a ranch on the river, and I am working for him.   I am going to stay with him this month, and make some money. Will Lynch and Will Mcfaul are going to work at the shinle[shingle?] mill Mcfaul is going to boss the woods, Fred Handy is working up green wood, Mammie Gaze is helping house in the city, Moress Woumer has gone to seattle, you may see him if he comes around.   I think these will be good times on the coast this summer   the Garcia Mill will not run it is a humbug, good place to work when it runs, lots of fun, but it will be dull this summer.   by the way did I tell you about John Holem and Dora Nelson getting married, they are living at Fort Bragg,   I think I will make a mask on Emma she is a fine girl, as soon as my mustache gets a little longer I will get married, then I will let my wife write to you   well Osen I guess I will stop will do better next time, address same as ever, good by Osen hoping to here[sic] from you soon.
                          from your friend
                                        Will Nissen
                                               Point Arena
                                                                 M. C. Cal

P.S. excuse me one cents stamps the best in town

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