Fusataro Takano Papers

A Letter from Will Nissen to Fusataro Takano, Oct 24, 1889

                                                                       Oct 24, 89

                                                                       Point Arena

Dear Friend,
                                            Yours of the 10th came to hand a few days ago, and was very glad to here[sic] from you.   It was the most encourageing letter I ever had.   I thing[sic] myself Washington is far better than Cal, wages are better in Wash now than they are in Cal.   I will come up in the spring. I thing[sic] it to[sic] cold for me to go into now.  I had better come in the spring I will come in April or May then it will be warm and better time to get work.   I [two word illegible] to see Fred Handy the other day.    I see all the girls, Fred is going to write to you one of these days, I and Fred are both coming up to gather, then we went get Homesick, I will ask a qustions, is it very cold and does it rain much how early does rain set in, and is there much fishing going on and what kind of fishing, is there any hunting and what kind of game for when I come up.   I will take my shot-gun with me as I have one of the best in the Masket.  is there any snow fallen yet, it is raining here now and has rained three weeks I never saw so much rain in Oct. before the River is up high all the time.  Nilsen got your letter I guess he will come up in the spring train and my Brother Frunk went to Fort Bragg last week they got a winter job. I have got winter job best of I can get a job at Fort Bragg, I will take it, and as soon as I will take it, and as soon as I can meke $100 I will come up,    well Osen I will try to do better next time,    I would like to here[sic] from you as often as you have time to write as I want to learn about Seattle and I suppose you want to here from Point Arena, Fred had a better farm Ed Monnics the other day he is working in a brokers Office   well Osen I guess I will stop for this time hoping to here from you soon, good by with best wishes from my self and Handy boys, ta ta.
                          Will Nissen Jr.
                                               Point Arena
                                                            Mendocino Co.

P. S. have you no special Post Office or do you have to go to the main office.

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