Correspondence between F. Takano and S. Gompers

9)  SG to FT, July 10, 1894.

New York, July 10, 1894.

Mr. F. Takano,
    126 Gold St.
        Brooklyn, N.Y.

Dear Sir:-  I am in receipt of your article on the labor movement in Japan and thank you for your courtesy in forwarding the same.   I shall take pleasure in publishing it in the American Federationist.
        Enclosed please find a list of the addresses of the organizations you desire.
        I am pleased to learn thas[sic] Mr. Perkins gave you the information desired, and I shall write to Mr. Pomeroy and ask for a copy of the constitution of Phoenix Federal Labor Union and forward it to you immediately upon its receipt.
        With kind wishes, and hopes for success, I am,

                                           Fraternally Yours

                                       Samuel Gompers        President.

                                           American Federation of Labor.