Correspondence between F. Takano and S. Gompers

53)  FT to F. Morison, June 5, 1898

                                                        No. 31 Oiwake St., Komagome,
                                                        Hongo, Tokyo, Japan,    June 5, '98.

Mr. Frank Morison,
Secretary A.F. of L.
Washington, D.C. U.S.A.

      Dear Sir,--I acknowledge receipt of $52 which you have so kindly forwarded to me under the date of Apr. 19th. Please accept my thanks for the same.
     Great deal of interest is being taken by our people concerning the Espano-American controversy, and high tribute of praise is generally paid by our press for the humane stand taken by your nation.    While we are entertaining no doubt as to the result of the war, we are most anxious to see its speedy settlement.    The war and the interest of labor do not go together.    Sooner it is settled, better for labor.
     The Iron workers Union is fast growing; it now has 23 sub-lodges and 2,300 members.    Its regulation of sick benefit came to full operation on Mar. 1st and during two months ended last May it paid out over one hundred yen for the benefit.    I am now considering for the union, the ways and means to start a co-operative store.    As soon as I plan out all details, I will lose no time to start it.    The idea of co-operative store does present many alarming features to our organized workers and I am fully convinced that its inauguration will be much welcomed by them.
     I have forwarded by the previous mail my monthly article which no doubt reached you before this come to your hand.
     With best wishes to you and your organization, I am,
          Fraternally yours,
                                          Fusataro Takano

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