Correspondence between F. Takano and S. Gompers

54)  FT to SG, August 23, 1898

                                                        No. 31 Oiwake St., Komagome,
                                                        Hongo, Tokyo, Japan, Aug. 23, 1898.

Mr. Samuel Gompers,
President of A.F. of L.
Washington, D.C.

      Dear Sir,-- Please pardon my negligence of not writing you for so long a time.    Since the formation of Iron Workers Union I was & am besieged with great volumes of work so that my time is wholly taken by them.
     I, with two others, took a flying trip to the northern part of this country along the Japan Railway Co. line for organizing purpose some three weeks ago.    We hold public meetings at seven different towns and succeeded to organize two branches of the I.W.U. and brought total membership of the union to 2600.    It is also expected that newly formed union of engineers and firemen of the Japan Railway Co. who struck several months ago will join to our association in a short time to come.
     We had during last a few days as our guest Mr. Alden of the Mansfield House, London.    A public meeting was held by our association and addressed by him some to nights ago was attended by over one thousand people and it proved to be a great success as an agitation meeting.    He departs for your country tomorrow.
     Am I intruding too much by asking you to forward the money in you hand which was received for my letters.    It will greatly relieve my financial difficulties.

          Respectfully yours,
                                          F. Takano

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