Correspondence between F. Takano and S. Gompers

3)  FT to SG, March 13, 1894

Great Barrington, Mars. 3/13 '94

President Samuel Gompers,
American Federation of Labor

     Dear Sir,---Your favor of the 9th and the accompanying documents have been received by me. I thank you for your prompt attention paid to my inquiry.
     I exceedingly regret that my limited knowledge of English does not allow me fully express my gratitude for your kind consideration of Japanese workmen and the opportunity you have afforded me to interview with you. Really it is their great fortune as well as mine to have the benefit of the experience of such man like you. Advice of a man of your standing is far more beneficial than a mere observer like me can give after years' study. I look forward to the day I shall present before you and listen to your discussion of the subject, only regretting my inability to do so at this moment.
     Looking over the documents briefly, I noticed many important information they contain, which I have been asking for long time past. I shall not fail to study them vary closely. Please accept my thanks for the same.
Yours truly
F. Takano

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