Correspondence between F. Takano and S. Gompers

4)  SG to FT, March 16, 1894

New York, March 16, 1894.

Mr. F. Takano,
Great Barrington, Mass.

     My Dear Sir:--Your favor of the 13th. came duly to hand, and I beg to assure you that it affords me pleasure to be enabled to correspond with you upon the great question of the organization of your fellow countrymen.   Though I depend much upon the printed matter and hope you will glean some items of interest to you and which may redound to the benefit of the Japanese workmen, yet I am satisfied that a personal interview would be of greater advantage to both.
     As soon as you can make it convenient to call here and do so, of course, keeping in mind that an engagement be first made and thus avoid a disappointment; for I am frequently called out of the city upon business connected with our movement.
     I mail to your address with this a sample copy of our new Magazine the "AMERICAN FEDERATIONIST".    Could you make it convenient to write an article upon the condition of the Japanese workmen and the efforts made to organize them?   In fact upon any subject of interest and upon this line of thought, I would be glad to publish it in the Magazine.
     Many thanks for the note of the strike you give in Japan.   I shall insert it in the forthcoming issue.
     With kindest wishes to you and trusting that your efforts may be successful and that I may hear from you soon, I am,
                        Very Truly Yours
                                Samuel Gompers        President
                        American Federation of Labor.