Correspondence between F. Takano and S. Gompers

5)  A letter draft: FT to SG, FT April 10, 1894

     Owing to the limited times I have in my disposal and the crowded mails from Japan I have forced to neglect to thank you for a copy of American Federationist you have kindly forwarded me.   I have read the same with much interest and have been gratified with many valuable informations.
    With this letter I have enclosed a postal note which you will please hand to the Secretary as my year's subscription to the magazine.
     Reading over the history of trade unions, I found many guiding lessons in organizing Japanese workmen.  I intend to translate it to Japanese to be used as one of Japanese labor literature.
    I thank your invitation to write an article for the magazine.  I will hasten to do so at earliest moment, hoping at same time that you will kindly [make correction to cover] deficiencies of my limited knowledge of English.
    As I am intending to leave this here within 2 or three weeks and will go over to your city to seek some employment, I will call upon you at the time.

Edited by NIMURA, Kazuo @