Correspondence between F. Takano and S. Gompers

20)  FT to SG, July 5, '96

No.143 Higashi-Kata-Machi
Komagome, Hongo,
Tokio, Japan, July 5, '96

Mr. Samuel Gompers,
President Ame. Federation of Labor,
Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.A.
       Dear Sir,--Your favors of the Feb. 18th and Mar. 7th have been duly received.   The accompanying circulars and magazines, together with the renewed commission of the organizership, also came to hand, for which please accept my utmost thanks.
       I enclose herewith an article for the Federationist.   It is a rather long one, but points out one of the serious phases in the existing conditions, which, I believe, will be an interesting subject to you.
       I can not refrain from saying a word about the Federationist. Since your reinstallation to the editorship, it shows a great improvement, especially its editorial column.   It is full of conservative yet sagacious suggestions.   It presents ideas that are practical and feasible.   Your argument against the cheap unions is particularly worthy of commendation.   The American workers are to be congratulated in having such leader of high ability.
       I have forwarded to you a month ago a copy of a magazine in English published by Japanese.   I hope it has reached you safely.
       I am still busily engaged in seeking a remunerative position. Accustomed as I was to the higher wages of the States, it is really a hard undertaking to find a work that will satisfy me.   It often occurs to me that to return to the States again is better to my personal interest, but each time, thought of my life's object conquers to the selfish motive.   I hope the time will soon come when I will finally settle down and spend my whole energy in the work of amelioration of the workers.
       As you notice from the heading of this letter, I moved my abode.   I shall be very much obliged if you will kindly send the magazines to the new address.
                                                        Yours respectfully,
                                                               F. Takano

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