Correspondence between F. Takano and S. Gompers

19)  SG to FT, Mch. 7, 1896

Mch. 7, 1896.
Mr. Fusataro Takano,
180 Sendagi-Hayashi St.
Hongo, Tokio, Japan
        Dear Sir: Your favor of Feb. 5th came duly to hand and contents noted, and as usual am very much interested in hearing from you for I know you always have something worth reading to say. Certainly the result of your investigation showing the existence of a fairly strong Carpenters Union is of that character, and I shall make note of it in the next issue of the FEDERATIONIST.
        I mail to your address with this two copies of the March issue containing your article on the Chinese Tailor's Strike.
        If there is anything of an interesting character that may result from your future investigations I shall be pleased to have you do as you say--report it to me. You can see that I am interested in what you write since I published both your articles as you wrote them.
        Permit me to express to you my sincere thanks and appreciation of your kind words of commendation of my efforts in the American Labor Movement and to thank you very much for your congratulations upon my election to the Presidency of the A. F. of L.
        I believe with you and it is some gratification to find men with the courage of their convictions and who dare declare them even under adverse circumstances when it may detail inconvenience and discomfiture.
        In this instance, however, the trade unionists of America have applauded and ratified my position.
        I mail to your address, with this, a few documents which we have just issued and which may be interesting to you. Possibly aiding you in the writing of the article for the Japanese magazine on the American labor movement.
        I haven't a good photograph here but enclose a picture of me which is fair and which you are at liberty to use.
        With kindest regards and best wishes, and hoping to hear from you frequently, I am,
Samuel Gompers
                                Fraternally yours,
                                Samuel Gompers        President
                                American Federation of Labor