Correspondence between F. Takano and S. Gompers

50)  FT to SG, December 17, l897.

                                                        Hongo, Tokyo, Japan, Dec. 17, 97.

Mr. Samuel Gompers,
President of A.F. of L.
Washington, D.C. U.S.A.

      Dear Sir,--Enclosed please find my fifth correspondence which is delayed by one mail owing to the great bulk of work created by the formation of the Iron Workers' Union which took whole my time.    I have sent you a photo of mine which is very poor one, still it is best procurable in this city.    As to your request of my biography, I will say that it was in the year of 1889 while I was working at saw mill in California when fortune favored me to receive a book entitled "Labor movement the problem of to-day.   " Perusal of the book aroused my interest to the movement and sharpened my sense to the wrongs that are endured by Japanese workers.    Succeeding seven years in the U.S. was spent in diligent study and close observation of American labor movement and upon my return unaugrated the movement in this country by forming the Rodo Kumiai Kisei-kwai.    In this connection, I have the honor to acknowledge that greater part of success so far achieved is due to the encouragement given me by you and other friends in America.
          With best wishes to you and your organization,
                                          F. Takano

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