Correspondence between F. Takano and S. Gompers

49)  FT to SG, December 2, l897.

                                                        31 Oiwake St., Komagome,
                                                        Hongo, Tokyo, Japan, Dec. 2, '97

Mr. Samuel Gompers,
President of A.F. of L.

     Dear Sir,--Yours of Oct. 28th is just received.    Enclosed herewith please find receipt for the second money order, together with two receipts for your organization.    I hardly think that this will reach you in time before the convention will close but I concluded that by addressing to Nashville this may find the way quicker to you.
     As previously announced, the machinists union was formed on Nov. 22 under the name of Iron Worker's Union with 1, 100 members.    It held an opening ceremony last night, many well-known officers (public) and others in attendance.    I will write you fully by next mail all details of the ceremony and other matters connected with it.
     "The Labor World" was published yesterday, a copy of which I forwarded to you by this mail.
     I send by this a photograph of mine.
     It is impossible for me to write you any longer as many iron workers are now awaiting to interview me.                             Yours fraternally,
                                          F. Takano

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