A letter from Lucy Clark to Fusataro Takano

Tacoma Wash.
Nov.27, 92
Mr. Takano
Dear Fusa
    Your long-looked-for-letters were received a few days ago. Everyone was delighted to hear from you and especially Miss Nellie glad to receive a letter from you.
I wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Of course we all like Frank then you know you are missed very much.
    Miss Nellie showed your letter to every one that came in as she wanted them to see what a nice you could write. Everybody is well but myself I beleive, and I am so sick that I did not go to work this morning and I think I shall lay off 2 or 3 days.
    Now Henry, don't make yourself sick over there as we all want to see you looking well when you come back. Everything is just about the same as when you were away; business is good and I have to stay up very late. They have all been drunk for a week.
    There are 6 girls in the house, so, you see, it is pretty full. Miss Nellie gave the girls some pretty presents.
    Bertha is still running after Eddie. I hope you will not have so many Chinese to bother you when you return. Charlie and Frank are so good to me, but you were the best of all, and that is just what Miss Nellie says to the girls.
    I recieved some very nice present for Xmas but did not get full. The others are on a big drunk and they make Frank so very angry. I am going to Calif., but will be here when you return. I am kike you, Henry, I wish there were no Chinese in the (1 sheet missing?)
    I believe this is all I can think of so will close.

        I remain as ever
        Lucy Clark

P.S. Don't forget if you love me darling tell me with your eyes.
Teddy is still crying for a mate but I'm not, don't want anyone just now, of course Henry you think I am man-struck but I'm not.
    I can't deliver your message to Mrs. Anderson as she has been gone for a month or more.
    Mrs. Pudd says she is going to write to you.
    I believe this is the first letter I ever wrote to a foreign country so if it isn't allright bring it home with you and I'll read it for you.

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