Correspondence between F. Takano and S. Gompers

27)  SG to FT, January 4th, 1897

                                                     Indianapolis, Ind., Jan. 4th, 1897

Fusataro Takano,
              Tokio, Japan,
Dear Sir and Friend:--
           Your favor of December 11th just to hand within a few hours of my departure from this city for Washington, D. C.    Our Cincinnati convention decided to move headquarters to that city and I am to go there for the purpose of selecting offices.    In replying address your letters, until further advised, to Washington, D. C. and they will reach me all right.    If any letter has been sent to this city, it will be forwarded to me also.
           You can readily see that it is impossible to more than acknowledge the receipt of your letter and to thank you sincerely for your kind words being situated I shall reply in full.
           Reciprocating your kind wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year, I am in haste
                                         Fraternally yours,
                                         Samuel Gompers.
                                             President A.F. of L.

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