Correspondence between F. Takano and S. Gompers

35)  SG to FT, July 7, 1897.

                                                                 Washington, D.C. July 7th, 1897.

Mr. Furusano [sic] Takano.
#31 Oiwake-cho, Komagome.
Hongo, Tokyo, Japan.

Dear Sir & Friend:--
      I have sent out the circular letter to a number or papers and hasten to advise you that up to the present time there are twelve of them who have sent in their willingness to pay $1.00 each toward the syndicate letter.    I be1ieve that the number can be increased to 25, but or this of course I can not guarantee.    I simply base this upon what I believe can be accomplished.    In a letter from Mr. Carter of the Firemen's magazine he says you are writing for that paper; hence he can not join with us.    Of course if you write for any one paper it will detract considerably from the syndicate letter.    I believe you should make your choice for either one of the other.    More than likely we could make this a regular monthly letter with a very large number of papers and perhaps make it interesting as well as remunerative to yourself.    You may hasten the letter as soon as you possibly can and forward here.    The arrangement that I have made is that the letter is to reach me and I shall have it set up in "gally proofs" made of it and forwarded to each subscriber and to be printed as nearly simultaneously as possible at the end of each month.
      Hoping that you are in good health and that you will also advise me in regard to the matter of transmitting money as indicated in my last letter I am,
Sincerely & fraternally yours,
                                                                Samuel Gompers.
                                                            President A.F. of L.

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