Correspondence between F. Takano and S. Gompers

55)  SG to FT, September 15, l898.

                                                                 700 14TH ST. N. W.
                                                                         Washington D. C.    September 15, l898.

Mr F. Takano
    No. 31 Oiwake Street, Komagome, Hongo
        Tokyo, Japan.

Dear Sir and Brother:
       Your favor of August 23rd to hand, and contents noted.    As per your suggestion, Secretary Morrison has forwarded you international money order for $22.00 less cost of money order.    Enclosed please find receipt for same which please sign and return with your next letter.
       I am gratified indeed by the result of your trip to northern Japan, and I am sure it must be so to you and your fellow-workers.    The organization of 2600 men in the Iron Workers Union must of itself be a very great force to influence public opinion in your country.    It would be so in any.    It is needless to say that there is a keen satisfaction which I enjoy in knowing that as the result of our personal acquaintance and your activity as being the first trade unionist in Japan, such good results have been achieved.
       You say that Mr. Alden, of the Mnasfield [sic] House, London England, delivered an address before your association at which more than one thousand people attended and that he is coming to the United States.    It would be a very great pleasure to me if I should have the opportunity and pleasure of meeting him.    It is not assuming too much when I infer that you have mentioned my name to him and suggested a call here.
       Your article on the street car service in Tokyo has been received.    It is necessary to explain that your article was omitted one month's publication, and also that there have been a few publications which have fallen from the list of subscribers.    This information is due you so that you may understand why a lesser amount is forwarded.

                                                Sincerely & fraternally yours,
                                                                Samuel Gompers.
                                                                      President A.F. of L.

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