Correspondence between F. Takano and S. Gompers

48)  SG to FT, Nov. 23rd, 1897

                                                                 700 14TH ST. N. W.
                                                                         Washington D. C.    Nov. 23rd, 1897

Mr. F. Takano
    #31 Oiwake Street
        Hongo, Tokyo, Japan.

My Dear Mr. Takano:--
       Your favor of October 24th, enclosing receipt, came duly to hand, and I was most gratified to read the progress which is being made.    Of course, I can readily understand the difficulty which you have to contend against, but I am sure that you are on the right road, hence I have no fear for the future.
       I presume before this reaches you you will see a copy of the November issue of the American Federationist, and other papers containing your article, and, also the photo of Mr. Teiichi Sakuma.    Do not fail to send me the article regularly, so that there may be no interruption in the regular monthly articles.    Before this will reach you, another convention of the American Federation of Labor will have come and gone, and it will determine then whether there is to be a change in this office.    At any rate, any letter you may write in response to this, you may, therefore, mark it "personal," and it will then receive my personal attention, regardless of whether I shall succeed myself or not.
       You can imagine that there is a great rush of work between now and the convention, which takes place December the 13th, at Nashville Tennessee, and you will, therefore, pardon brevity. With kindest regards and best wishes, and hoping to hear from you soon and regularly, I am,

                                                Fraternally yours,
                                                                Samuel Gompers.
                                                                      President A.F. of L.

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