Correspondence between F. Takano and S. Gompers

22)  SG to FT, July 28 1896.

                                 Indianapolis, Ind., July 28, 1896.

Mr. F. Takano
Tokio, Japan.
Dear Sir & Friend:--
     I am in receipt of your favors of the 5th and 22nd inst. which came here very near together, and to which I can respond jointly. With this, I mail to your address a copy of the May issue of the American Federationist, and also a copy of circulars issued recently. Your article I find exceedingly interesting, and it will be published in the September issue; that is, if I cannot find room for it in the August number. Your second letter conveys very important information, and upon completion of this I shall write to the officers of the organizations immediately interested, and they will either write your or send you printed matter. I shall do the best I can to place the best obtainable information in your possession. I can readily understand the intensity of your feeling and desire to remain in Japan among your fellow-countrymen and there endeavor to exert your ability and influence to the end that amelioration of their condition may be secured. Yes, it is quite a sacrifice on your part, accustomed to the better wages and resultant improved conditions and surroundings of the United States to go back to Japanese wages and conditions in order to prosecute this work. It is a spirit that is well worth while emulating. It is born of the noblest conception of which the heart can feel or the mind conceive.
     I earnestly appreciate the kind words of commendation which you express in reference to my work in the June and July Federationist. I can only say that I try to deserve the good-will of my fellow-workers by constantly keeping in view that which will promote their best interests. Let me hear from you as frequently as convenient, and believe me as ever,
              Yours sincerely,
                    Samuel Gompers
Write often to me and for the Federationist.
N. B. I almost forgot to say that I received the magazine in English, which you so kindly sent me. If you will look through the Federationist, you will see that I quote a little item from it on the silver question.

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